Valuations - actuarial, accounting, economic, financial, taxation and legal

Quibus conducts an in-depth study and dedicates as much time as is necessary to understanding the factors which create value and the dynamics which characterise a company’s business or a person’s situation, in order to deal successfully with the complex requirements that a valuation involves.

Valuations that we conduct

Road traffic accident valuations

Valuations for the complete repair of the damages caused to people involved in road traffic accidents.

Spanish compensation scale and Law 35/2015. The necessary link between actuaries and injured or affected parties in road traffic accidents.

Valuation of actual loss and loss of profit

Any natural or legal person may suffer capital losses arising from the breach of obligations by third parties. Regulation states that compensation for damages comprises not only the value of the loss they have suffered, but also the value of the profit that the creditor has failed to obtain.

Accounting valuation in accordance with the Spanish National Chart of Accounts (Spanish Royal Decree 1514/2017)

Valuation rule nº 16 states that in order to calculate the current value of payments relating to defined benefit schemes, use will be made of actuarial calculation methods and financial and actuarial assumptions that are unbiased and mutually compatible.

Further information

Valuations in accordance with International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19) on employee benefits

Application of the model standard for actuarial practice, the International Standard of Actuarial Practice (ISAP 3), adopted by the board of the International Actuarial Association (IAA).

Further information

Report on financial and actuarial review of occupational pension schemes

The regulatory framework which regulates pension schemes and funds makes it mandatory for the financial and actuarial system of these schemes to be reviewed every three years by an independent actuary appointed by the Spanish Control Committee on Pensions the express and exclusive task of performing the actuarial review.

Technical basis for insurance products

The regulatory framework for the organisation, supervision and solvency of insurance companies stipulates that insurance policy models, the technical basis and fees should be readily available at the registered office of the company, if required by the Spanish Supervisory Authority that regulates insurance and pension funds.

Actuarial function report

The regulatory framework of directives on insurance companies’ systems of governance and in accordance with the Solvency II directive, requires the actuarial function report to be prepared, with comments on the results and indications regarding any deficiencies found, along with recommendations on how to correct them.

Special report with an independent review of the report on insurance companies’ financial situation and solvency.

The regulatory framework requires actuaries and auditors to provide an independent review of the report on insurance companies’ financial situation and solvency in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of the information published and disclosed, and to increase the interested parties’ trust in the accuracy of such information.

Forensic report

Report in accordance with legal regulations so that we, as independent specialists, can prevent, detect, evaluate and investigate illegal activities, maximise measures of control and assess the implications for the company’s image or finances.

In the event that you do not have a reliable criminal lawyer, Quibus works with excellent professionals in the field of criminal law, who will be brought in for these issues.

Valuations of retirement bonuses in collective agreements

Actuarial valuation report on pension commitments in the form of retirement bonuses with the possibility of including the assumption of the staff turnover rate and calculation of premiums payable to the insurance company.

Advice on the administration of insurance contract management required by retirement bonuses.

Calculation of state benefits

Calculation of projected state retirement pension to be received in the future using different scenarios. Calculation of the cost of subscribing to a special agreement with the social security system, calculation of state benefits for permanent disability, death and survivors.

Valuations of workforce restructuring processes

Calculations for different workforce restructuring schemes according to the models of partial retirement and early retirement, early retirement on the grounds of redundancy or voluntary redundancy packages.

Expert opinions regarding specialised valuations when required by parties involved in legal proceedings and attendance at trial to provide ratification.

Some subjects of expert reports are: loss of earnings, road traffic accident resulting in a need for assistance from a third party, state benefits, compliance in insurance transactions according to Spanish Law 50/1980 on Insurance Contracts and other regulations in force.

Market research

All of our knowledge and experience at your disposal for exhaustive research into the markets of industries working in related sectors and/or which is consistent with the existence of biometric risks.

Valuation of financial asset portfolios

In particular, we also provide valuation of asset portfolios linked to insurance contracts for the assessment of possible movements from one insurance company to another or from one pension fund management company to another.

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    Frequently asked questions about actuarial valuations.

    1Do you provide details of each valuation you offer?
    Yes, in the next stage of our website, we are going to expand on this information. In the meantime, we will explain it to you in person.
    2Are you required to have professional indemnity insurance?
    Yes, the law requires us to take out insurance and Quibus has its own insurance policy. Additionally, each actuary with authorisation to sign documents has their own professional indemnity insurance.
    3Which reports are legally required and which are not?
    We will answer your question when we receive your email.
    4In the possible event of not knowing whether the valuation I need is included in the list, what should I do?
    You should send us an email so that we can analyse whether we can help you. Do not hesitate to ask, there is no charge for questions and you will receive an answer from our professionals. In the event of not being to help you with your valuation, we will provide guidance on finding a solution.