Consultancy for Individuals

All our knowledge and experience in actuarial consultancy and company pension plans, occupational pension schemes and other pension plans is also available for individuals and their needs.

What can we offer you?

Quibus offers you professional advice on your savings and investments, for the management of accrual and payment of your private pension scheme benefits, other pension schemes, retirement insurance, life insurance, Unit Linked products, investment funds, life annuities involving property and equity instruments.

How do we work?


We study your current position

We study, analyse and evaluate your current situation.

Scenarios and strategies

In order to optimise your situation in actuarial, financial and taxation terms.

We recommend actions

We recommend actions that will enable you to reach your objectives when making decisions.

We provide actuarial opinions

We provide the necessary actuarial opinions and/or reports to comply with the aim of professional collaboration.

How can we help you?

Actuarial consultancy

We choose the best savings/investment plan for you.

Tax consultancy

We optimise the taxation of contributions and benefits.


Of private and public pension schemes.


Consult us for our full range of actuarial valuations.


We can conduct actuarial and tax audits on all your savings and investment plans.

How can Quibus help you?

We can help and advise you. Contact us.

    We will contact you within 24/48h.

    We will call you to find out your needs and how we can help you.

    We will evaluate your case over the next few days.

    We will analyse the situation and offer strategic proposals to improve your investments.

    We will conduct monitoring, including your investments.

    We will keep you informed of changes in the financial market and the results of the actions performed.

    Frequently asked questions about actuarial services for individuals

    1I have retired and I am a beneficiary of company pension schemes. Can you help me?
    Yes, we will study your situation so that you can receive your private benefits whilst optimising taxation and ensuring your security and peace of mind regarding payment.
    2I have a property and I wish to complement my retirement pension. Can you help me?
    Yes, we will study your situation and advise you on how to continue living in your home whilst receiving a pension.
    3I have a portfolio of assets and bonds, investment funds and rented flats. How should I manage this to complement my state retirement pension?
    We will study your situation and suggest scenarios to enable you to make the right decisions.
    4I have had a road traffic accident. Would you consider this for an individual consultancy?
    Compensation for road traffic accidents is also one of Quibus’ strong points and is covered in the section on valuations.