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Quibus, security and tranquility based on exhaustive study and experience

Since 1998, QUIBUS Actuarial Consulting studies and analyzes the risks of its clients, quantifying their financial implications in uncertain futures. For this, their specialists use mathematical models to solve problems primarily in finance, insurance, investments and pensions.

Actuarial, financial and legal advice from its Actuarial and Juridical team with extensive experience in these matters. Able to provide a complete service, advising its clients, negotiating under the freedom of working exclusively for the client, the best market conditions for their needs.

Actuaries have their own professional association, and membership is compulsory in order to practice.

For membership, these professionals must be in possession of the corresponding legal title and have a qualification that allows them to rule on the actuarial aspects reflected by law. When required, actuaries must manifest, under their responsibility, about the future dynamic solvency or provision system developed by an insurance company. That is why the Consulting service at QUIBUS Actuarial Consulting complies with all the legally demanded requirements, plus 25 years of experience in the service for advice accuracy.

QUIBUS Actuarial Consulting regularly carries out studies on macroeconomics, monitoring of fiscal and monetary policies, monitoring of international politics and economics and new rules, with powerful technological means to reach professional opinions of recognized prestige.

Another strong point of QUIBUS Actuarial Consulting consists of designing, managing and implementing the appropriate strategy to obtain favorable court rulings for its clients.

Quibus Actuarial Consulting in Business and Individual Social Security is to collaborate with companies and individuals so that they manage their pension resources, optimizing their income statement and generating value for their managers and workers and, in general, provide qualified and independent service, in knowledge and experience to help in an active and positive aging of its people.

The values ​​at QUIBUS Actuarial Consulting are to equally care for both human and professional quality. The relationship with the client is close-knit and is based on mutual trust to propose solutions to identified and valued problems. In the same way, through the years, we have built a relationships network with the personnel of insurance and financial entities, as well as public administrations, with a foundation of the most essential values ​​of independence and equality.

Jaume Quibus

Founding partner, actuary and economist

The actuary and economist Jaume Quibus holds a master’s degree in Financial Economics and Accounting, a degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, a degree in Economic and Business Studies from the University of Barcelona and has completed the Management Development Programme at the IESE Business School of the University of Navarra. He is a full member of the following associations: the Catalan Actuarial Association, the Spanish Actuarial Association, the Catalan Economists Association, the International Actuarial Association, the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management and also a member of the IESE Business School Alumni. He was a founding partner in 1998 of the Actuarial Society Quibus, and is corporate member number 6 in the Catalan Actuarial Association.

His professional activity throughout Spain is focused on creating value in independent and qualified advice on savings and investments for retirement, by purchasing products from national, international and bank-owned insurance companies and fund management companies in the insurance and financial sectors.

Since 2010 he has also been actively participating, by sharing his knowledge and experience, on radio programmes, in printed press articles and via digital media.

During these years of professional and social activity, the actuary Jaume Quibus has developed extensive skills and abilities for the formal construction of knowledge and the improvement of personal relationships based on mutual trust through win-win strategies.

Quibus adheres to the Professional Code of Ethics of the Catalan Actuarial Association.

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