Group personal pension schemes and other pension plans

Since 1988, we have been managing the actuarial, financial, investment and legal aspects of group personal pension schemes and other pension plans, insurance contracts, retirement insurance and Unit Linked products for our business clients.
Advice on investment policy, risks, taxation, and accounting records, business contract terms and accounting records.
Management of negotiations, discussions and payment in relation to benefits.
Unique in having agreements with insurance companies to monitor the results of their Unit Linked products.
We were the first to consult the Spanish Supervisory Authority that regulates insurance and pension funds in order to move schemes from one insurance company to another

Who is consultancy for company pension plans aimed at?


Administrators, Directors and Executives

How can Quibus help you?

What can we offer you?

Advice on company pension plans

Implementation and management of company pension plans

Costs and profits

We prepare reports on the costs and profits involved in introducing a pension scheme in your company.

Choice of insurance company

We offer comparative studies on insurance companies.

Calculation of retirement and pensions

Research on private and state pensions

Fiscal support

Regulations and jurisprudence

Assistance in management of investments

We control and manage the possible investments derived from company pension schemes.

We can assist and advise you regarding your company pension plan. Contact us.

    We will contact you within 24/48h.

    We will call you to find out your needs and how we can help you.

    We will evaluate your case over the next few days.

    We will analyse the situation and offer strategic proposals to improve your investments.

    We will conduct monitoring, including your investments.

    We will keep you informed of changes in the financial market and the results of the actions performed.

    Frequently asked questions about consultancy for company pension plans

    1What are the fiscal differences between executives and directors (Administrators)?
    Taxation for executives corresponds to pension commitments in the work environment. However, for the administrator this depends on the statutory clauses.
    2What is the limit below which you do not have to pay taxes?
    Executive contributions can reach 100,000 €/year without income tax having to be paid.
    3What does the consultancy service consist of regarding the monitoring of a plan?
    Market volatility and changes in the economy require research and periodic assessment so that the company to make the right decisions.
    4What investment strategies do you suggest?
    Our opinion is that you can be either conservative or aggressive. Conservative so that you never lose money and aggressive so that you make maximum earnings when economic conditions are favourable and minimum losses when they are unfavourable.