Consultancy for occupational pension scheme sponsoring employers / Board of trustees

Since 1998, we have been managing the actuarial, financial, investment and legal aspects of occupational pension schemes for our business clients and public administration.
Advice on investment policy, risks, taxation, regulations, clauses in the scheme’s regulation and accounting records.
Management of negotiations, discussions and payment in relation to benefits.
Preparation of the technical basis as an annex to the specifications of pension schemes with defined benefits.
Actuarial trustee consulting in relation to these pension schemes in accordance with the regulations (3rd additional provision of Spanish Royal Decree 304/2004, on the Regulation of Pension Schemes).

Who is consultancy for occupational pension scheme sponsoring employers / Board of trustees aimed at?


Public administration

How can Quibus help you?

How can we help you?

Advice on occupational pension schemes

Promotion of occupational pension schemes after studying the sponsoring employer’s needs as regards the complementing of employees’ state pensions with private savings.


Describing the advantages of the types of contingency payments (defined benefit or defined contribution)

Collaboration with the personnel department

Objective of retaining talent in the sponsoring employer for occupational pension schemes and aiding possible terminations of employment, as retirement ceased to be obligatory in 2012.

Actuarial Work

In accordance with regulations, actuarial trustee consulting for occupational pension schemes

Advice on investment policy

Study and analysis of investment strategy to adjust it to the sponsoring employer’s risk profile

Monthly monitoring

Informing and suggesting the relevant changes in the occupational pension scheme due to modifications in legislation

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    Frequently asked questions about consultancy for Boards of trustees

    1Do occupational pension schemes have a potential for growth?
    Yes, the current Spanish government has shown clear support for occupational pension schemes at the expense of individual pension funds.
    2Are there any recent changes in regulation to foster occupational pension schemes?
    Yes, lawmakers have recently introduced tax benefits for sponsor employers with occupational pension scheme and deductions in social security contributions.
    3Are the costs of promoting occupational pension schemes high?
    No, they are of little relevance compared to the social and business benefits gained.
    4Is it possible to make higher contributions than those required by law?
    Yes, it is possible by taking out supplementary insurance policies.