Private retirement

Private Retirement Consulting


Is your estimated state pension enough?

Has your business assumed private pension commitments for its managers and workers?

Do you need a new focus and strategy in the management of your funds for private pensions due to the high volatility of the financial markets?

Would you like to complement your state pension by contracting private pension products?

Would you like to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of assuming private pension commitments for your directors, managers, public employees and/or workers?

There are answers to all questions if the advice is based on your expectations.


Independent advice with no conflict of interest with insurance and financial institutions and fund management companies.

Professional expert opinions provided by knowledgeable, well-trained staff, with extensive knowledge and experience concerning pensions, finances, insurance, macroeconomics, mathematics, microeconomics, monetary policy, social policy and taxation.

Our good personal relationships with employees in the financial and security sector are the fruit of many years of working together and helping each other so that we can continue to work as a team.

In an increasingly complex and volatile financial environment, it is important when making personal decisions to have the opinion of independent expertsso that we know what to do and what not to do, and so that we can contract reliable private pension products.


Do you know the expected return of your retirement insurance product?

Has your pension fund management company informed you of the risk indicator of your pension plan in accordance with new regulations?

Are you thinking about transferring your insurance contract to another insurance institution that covers pension commitments with similar premiums?

Do you need mobilisation plans to improve the return of your retirement investments with lower levels of risk?

Would you prefer to maximise your return for retirement or benefit your heirs in the event of death?


With a cyclical economic pattern and with current interest rates and returns, it is now more necessary than ever to protect your interests and wealth.  And that is our first commitment at Quibus. Our second commitment is to maximise your financial-fiscal return.

Bearing in mind that, one on hand, there are extensive, ongoing regulations prepared by legislators and governments, both in this country and in Europe, for the insurance and financial sector, and that on the other hand, profound demographic changes for Europe are expected in the years ahead, it is useful  to have all your investment and retirement decisions and all the products contracted reviewed and assessed regularly, by independent qualified experts in order to change your strategy or leave it as it is.

We also help you to plan a lifestyle without work and with financial independence in order to deal with the profound demographic changes taking place in Europe.