Actuarial services


The current financial situation is by no means easy:  low interest rates, volatile sotck market, many fixed-income pension funds and plans in the red. All of this means that savers do not know what investment products and strategies are the most suitable to achieve their objectives.

The purpose of advice from qualified, independent professionals is the efficient contracting of products and good strategic decision-making, in order to provide security, peace of mind and save money by avoiding inappropriate saving and investment decisions, which will always be more important than the fee paid for our services.

Why have a personal insurance actuary advisor?

Because he/she is an independent, trained professional who will be with you throughout your life using your finances to advise and recommend, depending on your needs, taking into account your age, your available wealth, your tax rate, your professional and family situation and the other investments that you have, your retirement products and the strategies that best fit your risk profile.