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At Quibus we specialise in problems or needs concerning insurance companies or fund managers in relation to pensions at your company or on a personal level.

With over 25 years of experience, we offer services as qualified, independent actuaries, providing advice on strategy, and supervision and control of operations.

Our priority is our clients and our excellent professional relationships with employees and business owners, based on our professionalism and independence, which are essential for us to perform our work successfully and which will help to solve problems.

If you are facing challenges or have specific needs in connection with insurance companies and pension fund managers, we are here to help you. Our objective is to provide effective, comprehensive solutions to meet your expectations.

Our main services

All our knowledge and experience in actuarial consultancy and company pension plans, occupational pension schemes and other pension plans is also available for individuals and their needs.

Quibus conducts an in-depth study and dedicates as much time as is necessary to understanding the factors which create value and the dynamics which characterise a company’s business or a person’s situation, in order to deal successfully with the complex requirements that a valuation involves.

Since 1988, we have been managing the actuarial, financial, investment and legal aspects of group personal pension schemes and other pension plans, insurance contracts, retirement insurance and Unit Linked products for our business clients.

Since 1998, we have been managing the actuarial, financial, investment and legal aspects of occupational pension schemes for our business clients and public administration.

Calculate your savings for the day you retire or the pension you will receive for the rest of your life.

Quibus is an independent society. We are not linked to any financial entities, companies or associations. Our client is our one exclusive priority

Our Services

Our Satisfaction Objective

What we can offer to you or your company?

All the information provided by our clients is safeguarded with absolute confidentiality throughout the whole processes.

The final result is guaranteed by our staff’s high level of experience.

We adapt our services to our client’s timeframe and needs.

As an Actuarial Society, we offer you a comprehensive service covering the evaluation of costs and pension plan commitments, analysis of projected retirement benefits, and valuation of pension plan commitments.

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